Request for Quotation: DUKE Heights BIA Business Phone & Wireless Network

The purpose of this RFQ is to enable the DUKE Heights BIA to select a qualified service provider to enter into negotiations for a multi-year contract to provide the BIA with a multi-line phone. The BIA is soliciting proposals from qualified service providers to provide this telecommunication service for the BIA office.
The tools and means used to provide the functions and features can be different from what is currently provided. The intent is not to provide the same service we have today, but to improve and modernize the delivery of the service.

Please click here to view and download this RFQ.

Deadline for submission: Friday, May 31st, 2019, 3:00 pm.

Request for Quotation: DUKE Heights BIA Database Management System

The DUKE Heights BIA has an ongoing need to collect, collate and analyse information about the needs and the nature of its local business members. We achieve this through regularly occurring surveys and in-person canvassing. Further, as an advocate for the local business community, the BIA is also responsible for addressing issues of common concern. Consequently, the BIA also collects and analyses information pertaining to any issues brought to its attention through any of its member businesses.
We would like to obtain or develop a well-suited web application that can automate tasks including but not limited to data gathering and entry, contact logging, case work and report creation. This RFQ provided details on our requirements.

Please click here to view and download this RFQ.

Deadline for submission: Friday, May 31st, 2019, 3:00 pm.

Non-formal Dispute Resolution



February 01, 2019
Written by: Kristen Steele, DUKE Law Intern

Non-Formal dispute resolution mechanisms can be a good alternative to formal dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or litigation, which can be time consuming and expensive. One benefit of this method is to ensure that all parties involved in a dispute will maintain confidentiality because it encourages all parties to keep all material information to themselves. A second is that the parties have a higher degree of control over these kinds of proceedings. The two most common forms of non-formal dispute resolution include the following:

Negotiation involves two or more parties who enter into a discussion or deliberation with the goal of reaching an agreement or resolving a dispute by means of compromise, making negotiation the least formal dispute resolution mechanism available. However, given that there is no facilitator over these negotiations, if the parties cannot come to an agreement of their own volition, the negotiations will fail.

Mediation is like negotiation, but it includes facilitation by a neutral third-party commonly known as a mediator. A drawback is that the mediator, and not the parties themselves, will determine how formal the proceedings will be.

Sometimes it’s hard to translate business problems into legal questions, which is why DUKE Heights BIA made the process as seamless as possible through DUKE Law. From our partnership with Osgoode Hall Law School, we are offering businesses in the BIA this legal information service free of charge. Go ahead, ask your business question with the reassurance that it will be answered by a dedicated team of trained specialists at any time. Ask your question today at

Work as a Supplier or Service Provider to the Finch West LRT!



Attention, DUKE Heights business community! if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize an opportunity to work as a supplier or service provider to the Finch West LRT, the time is now. Mosaic Transit Group, the consortium responsible for designing, building and maintaining the light rail line, is kicking off construction during the spring/summer of 2019.

Mosaic Transit Group is now asking local construction services, equipment and materials providers to connect for new business procurement opportunities for the LRT project. They will use local sources for supplies and materials, where practical and economically reasonable. They have opened a variety of procurement packages from construction, architecture and engineering, goods, services, to simple acquisitions (e.g. painting, printing, fleet rental, cleaning service, catering, facilities rental).

The full list of products and services that they will be procuring in 2019 is below:

  • Trailer Rental
  • Office furniture/Miscellaneous furnishing
  • Temporary services (power, water, sewers)
  • Portable toilets
  • Utilities relocation
  • Site security
  • Temporary /Permanent fencing
  • Clearing/grubbing
  • Excavation equipment
  • Shoring of excavation
  • Concrete/formwork
  • Reinforcing steel
  • Architectural Masonry
  • Structural steel
  • Miscellaneous metals
  • Canopies for Stops
  • Carpentry/Millwork
  • Roofing
  • Doors and frames
  • Glazing
  • Cladding
  • Drywall
  • Tiling/Floor finishing
  • Painting
  • Washroom accessories
  • Fall arrest systems (roof anchors)
  • Escalators/Elevators
  • Mechanical/Electrical systems
  • Trackwork, railway, signaling, communication system
  • Landscaping

Tips to Businesses Responding to RFPs:

  • Be Innovative
  • Understand the Requirements
  • Demonstrate company’s capability to perform, including: experience, resources and ability to subcontract
  • Provide current and relevant references
  • Estimate costs realistically
  • Follow the submission requirements and perform quality control

If your business offers related products and services, act now! Email to introduce your business and/or goods and services. Visit to stay up to date on business and workforce development opportunities.

Position: Economic Development Coordinator

Contract Term: Full-Time/Permanent position with benefits

To Apply: Please email your resume to: with ‘Economic Development Coordinator’ in the subject line. We thank all applications for their interest; however, we will only be contacting those being considered for this role. Duke Heights BIA is an equal opportunity employer.

Apply by February 15th, 2019

The DUKE Heights Business Improvement Area requires an Economic Development Coordinator on a full-time basis. This is a salaried position with full benefits on a permanent basis. Salary expected to range up from $85,000.
The DHBIA is one of the biggest BIA’s in North America, has over 2500 businesses, 32,000 employees and is visited by over 34,000 people every workday. As part of an Employment Hub strategy to attract employment and create growth in the area, the DHBIA has engaged in the creation of an Economic Development strategy geared towards focusing economic growth in five key sectors. This is the first time in North America that a local economic development of this nature has been undertaken by a BIA.
The Coordinator will manage a portfolio of activities that range from the execution and supervision of economic development within the BIA, research, design strategy management and reporting to funders and other stakeholders. The key components approved by the Board of Directors of the BIA are to:
1. Aid in the development of new businesses (e.g. startup entrepreneurs)
2. Create interest in sale/lease of space locally (e.g. “headhunting” for new large businesses to move in to area)
3. Networking with other stakeholders (e.g. finding large tenants for the area)

The successful candidate will need to grow the project from the DHBIA’s existing base of work to date and manage a much more aggressive timeline. The project will require strict deliverables targets and will reporting will happen on a monthly basis to the Economic Development Committee of the BIA.

The Coordinator will play a critical role in supporting the DHBIA in planning, creating and implementing strategies that promote local economic strategies in the area. Key to the project will be the ability to develop quick ways engage with local businesses, stakeholders and prospective businesses that wish to move into the area.

The Coordinator will report to the Executive Director of the DHBIA and will primarily work at the DUKE Heights BIA office, but will frequently work around Toronto, primarily in North York, due to the nature of the position.

Responsibilities and qualifications of the position include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Coordinating ongoing meetings with Economic Development Committee
• Participating in Employment Hub Advisory group
• Coordinating activities with other DHBIA staff and collaborating to carry out common objectives on Employment Hub strategy
• Meeting with members of the DHBIA as often as possible
• Continuing to build connections between organizations and leaders in the area
• Developing timeline for project development and maintaining targets
• Building database of contacts relevant to project
• Working with stakeholders and Economic Development offices at different levels of government to create opportunities locally for BIA members
• Providing frequent updates and progress reports to the Executive Director and the Board of the DHBIA, as required

• Strong communicator with high-level organizational skills
• Familiarity with Economic Development strategies the DHBIA and its region
• Comfortable managing partnerships and working with a diverse range of stakeholders
• Experience managing consultants
• Experience working with the private sector
• Experience working with the not for profit employment sector
• Experience working with real estate brokers and property managers
• Ability to succeed in a fast-paced, rapidly changing, results-driven workplace
• Self-starter able to succeed with minimal supervision
• Post-secondary education or experience in Finance, Economics, Business, Government Relations or Communications or related fields is preferred

Request for Proposal – DUKE Heights BIA Zoning By-Law Report


The DUKE Heights Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a significant area of growth within the city of Toronto. The BIA intents to facilitate the area’s potential by developing a planning initiative to identify and address obstacles that prevent its intensification as a major transit hub with high-density employment uses and a mixed-use centre at Keele and Finch. The goal of the planning initiative is to establish a vision as what the area will be in 2050.
In order to do so, the BIA will hire planning consultant services to consolidate the BIA’s planning vision and establish direction for the development of a planning strategy for the area. Before hiring this planning consultant and moving forward with the development of the planning initiative, a BIA-initiated Zoning By-Law consultation needs to be undertaken. This request is to acquire Zoning by-Law consultation services.

Please click here to view and download this RFP.

Free Wifi @Keele Street and Finch Avenue West

Free Wi-Fi @Keele Street and Finch Avenue West

We are excited to announce that DUKE Heights BIA is now offering free Wi-Fi on the corner of Keele Street and Finch Avenue West!

Making use of our free Wi-Fi is easy. When you are in the Keele Street and Finch Avenue West corner, simply look at your available Wi-Fi networks to find the one named “Duke Heights BIA Guest.” Once you have found the network, provide us with a few simple details and you will be ready to use our free WiFi!
This pilot project will be available for the next 6-months and we are looking to expand the service throughout our BIA in the next two years. We hope to benefit businesses by providing a service on our behalf for customers to enjoy. As one of the second largest BIA’s, with over 34,000 people visiting our area every workday, our free Wi-Fi is a way to keep you connected on the go!

If you have any feedback on the service, email us at

What’s Happening- DUKE Perks Discounts are new here for local businesses

DUKE Heights is an association of businesses, and one of the biggest in Toronto. As part of our mandate, we are looking to make things better for businesses locally. We have over 2,500 businesses and over 30,000 employees. DUKE Heights is like a small city of businesses and entrepreneurs and we are working to make the BIA more prosperous.

One of our programs called DUKE Perks, is exclusively available to DUKE Heights businesses. This program is designed to help encourage local members do business with each other. With DUKE Perks, businesses can take advantage of services provided by other DUKE Heights businesses at a discount. You can tap into this powerful local market by providing your product or service at a special price to the BIA members and their employees. Take advantage of the various Perks provided here, or provide your product or service as a Perk. Get discounted custom shirts, discounted printing, discounted furniture and much more.

As a DUKE Heights business you can also offer your services to other businesses. It is easy. Fill out the form online and we will promote your discount to other businesses and their employees. Want to know if you qualify, see what discounts are available or find out more? Go to our webpage for more details:

This my neighbourhood. I work here and I live here. Every month I will be giving you news and information to help you and your neighbours keep in touch with what is new and important. We hope you follow us as we continue to build on the work that will make this area better.

Here is what is new:

IBI Group completes study for DUKE Heights and the City of Toronto

We partnered with the City of Toronto’s Economic Development Department to issue a study that analyzed the history and future of employment in our district. The study took 8 months and is now completed. There are a series of recommendations that the study includes that we think will have a deep impact on the development of the area. We are working to create employment in the BIA and we are now headed in a clear, strong direction.

We also welcome your feedback. 
Please go to our website to take a look at the study:

We Are Hiring!




Position: Communications Coordinator

Contract Term: Full-Time/Permanent/

The Board of Directors for the newly formed DUKE Heights Business Improvement Area (BIA) requires a Communications Coordinator on a Full-Time/Permanent basis to provide communications and organizational support.

The Communication Coordinator plays a critical role in supporting the planning, coordination and execution of a series of projects and events that are planned for 2016.

The applicant will be involved with event logistics, communications and material preparation. They will work with our communications consultant, under the supervision of the Executive Director, to develop a series of projects, including our DUKE Talks, DUKE News, DUKE Features, DUKE Perks, as well as to carry out a series of other events and activities. The applicant will also be responsible for maintaining our web presence and for maintaining our ongoing communications with members from the BIA.

We need a team player, excellent writing, communication skills and marketing skills.
Reporting to the Executive Director, responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Post-secondary event planning certification or equivalent in experience
  • Core interest in corporate/business events and planning
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented and efficient
  • Creative, flexible and adaptable to changing priorities
  • Ability to adhere to organizational processes and deadlines
  • Demonstrated ability to manage projects
  • Ability to work in a leadership role in group environments
  • Team player who is comfortable working with personnel across different functional groups
  • Professional, excellent work ethic and willingness to learn
  • Knowledge of audiovisual equipment and meeting technologies an asset
  • Knowledge of meeting planning business an asset
  • Proficiency with MS Offices PowerPoint presentations
  • Experience with WordPress, databases and Adobe Creative Suites an asset

Submission Deadline: Closed

To Apply:

Please email your resume to: with ‘Communications Coordinator’ in the subject line. 

We thank all applications for their interest; however we will only be contacting those being considered for this role.

Click here to view this job description.

Duke Heights BIA is an equal opportunity employer.