Councillor’s Corner – Ward 6: August 2020 Edition


August 05, 2020

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wrote to you confident that Toronto would stay resilient and emerge stronger than ever. I am proud and strongly encouraged about how our public health officials have responded to the pandemic. With that said, we must continue to remain vigilant moving forward. That is why we implemented a mask by-law; taking a proactive approach to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keeping the economy open.

Here at City Hall, I continue to work with the Mayor and the recovery team to ensure that small businesses remain the backbone of our economy. In part of this recovery strategy, we have implemented the CafeTO program. This has helped the hospitality industry by cutting red tape for restaurants and bars to set up temporary patios on city and private property. We understand that we must be flexible and adjust to the new environment.The CafeTO program provides business owners the tools to remain robust during these times.

Moreover, the City of Toronto has created a new program called Business AdviceTO. This is a series of free weekly online events that provides advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders navigate a post-COVID world. Topics range from digital online marketing tutorials to providing strategies for retail businesses.

I would also like to announce that Bike Share stations are now installed along the Finch Hydro corridor. This is a crucial municipal investment for the DUKE Heights area. In conjunction with this bike lanes that have also been installed along Wilmington Avenue and Faywood Avenue. A strong cycling network will allow people to explore the DUKE Heights BIA area.

I will continue to listen to the needs of our business owners to make sure that your needs are being met. I will do this in collaboration with my partners on the federal and provincial level. I urge all of you to continue to remain strong and resilient. Together we will conquer the challenges brought forth by COVID-19. My staff and I continue to work tirelessly to support you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 416-392-1371 or email me at: